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AkzoNobel Kemipol Universal Acrylic Thinner 1 liter

Orders (10)


35.00TL .

AkzoNobel Sikkens SRA Car Paint Thinner

Orders (6)

Sikkens SRA Thinner 1 Liter A solvent blend developed to dissolve the overspray in base / varnish systems or PU paint. Ideal product for small repairs...

47.00TL .

Bluemoon Cellulosic Thinner 10Kg / 12Lt

Orders (15)

Bluemoon Cellulosic Thinner   It is a special thinner designed for the thinning of cellulosic based paints, primers and varnishes. Ideal for thinning the products used, does not leave a la..

105.00TL .

Color Matic Patch Thinner 400 ML

Orders (174)

Color Matic Patch ThinnerColor Matic Yama Tineri is a complementary product of 1K and 2K Varnishes and 1K and 2K Paint. Thanks to its special formulation, the edge dissolves the paint and varnish ..

25.00TL .

Doğuş Cellulosic Thinner 750 ML

Orders (1)

It is a solvent mixture specially prepared for thinning of cellulosic systems. Cellulosic Thinner is used to thin the product to the application viscosity in Cellulosic System applications and also to..

15.00TL .

Sikkens Plus Reducer - Slow

Orders (1)

Sikkens Plus ReducerMulti-purpose mixing thinnerPlus Reducers are products which can be added to many of the Sikkens topcoats, primers, fillers and sealers...

60.00TL .

YB 2K Universal Acrylic Thinner 1 Liter

Orders (7)

YB 2K Universal Acrylic Thinner 1 Liter Acrylic 2K Thinners are used in all acrylic 2K Primer and topcoat paints and varnishes depending on the application conditions and type of requirements...

20.00TL .
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