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Henkel - Loctite Kingznn Long Lasting Paint Protector High Gloss Solid Wax - Lacquer 280 Gr


Henkel - Loctite Kingznn Solid Wax - Cila 280 GrLoctite solid wax, which can be applied to every color and model vehicle surface, provides excellent shine and protection. Not suitable for non-painted ..

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Loctite LB 8021 Silicone Spray 400 ML


Loctite LB 8021 Silicone Spray 400 MLLubricant - silicone oil. It is intended for use on metal and non-metal surfaces. It is suitable for use as a separation material in molds.LOCTITE® LB 8021 is a ..

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Loctite MR 3863 Resistance Repair Kit


Loctite Rear Resistance Glass Repair Kit For repair of damaged rear window resistance    High conductivity    Complex repair kit    Qui..

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Loctite SF 7855 Paint Resin Primer Adhesive Cleaner Hand Lotion 400 ML


Loctite SF 7855 Cleaner 400 MLLOCTITE® 7855 is a powerful hand cleaner specially developed for cleaning the hardest soil, paint, resin, lining, adhesive, silicone, varnish and enamel stains to b..

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