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502 Evobond Super Adhesive 20 G


502 Evobond Super AdhesiveOne component easy to use super fast powerful adhesive.Instructions for Use- The surfaces to be bonded must be smooth, clean and dry.- Apply very little to one surface.- Hold..

10.00TL .

Best BY - 250 Super Fast UV Transparent Glass / Metal Surface Adhesive


PROPERTIESIt is single component, it does not flow because it has high viscosity. It becomes transparent when it is dry.SCOPE OF APPLICATION- In decorative glass applications,- In glass furniture,- Ca..

480.00TL .

Henkel Teroson Pu 8590 Single Component Standard Glass Adhesive 310 ML


Teroson PU 8590 Glass Adhesive 310 MLProduct features:- Universal Auto Glass Adhesive- TUV approved.- Resistance to hanging is good.- It does not stretch.- It's a single component.- Suitable for all v..

235.00TL .
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