3M 38601 Scotchgard Auto Leather and Vinyl Protector 946 ML


3M 38601 Scotchgard Auto Leather and Vinyl Protector 946 MLAuto interior leather and vinyl surfaces protect against harmful effects of sunlight, fading and aging.     Instructions ..

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3M 38617 Scotchgard Car Seat and Upholstery Protective Care Spray


3M Scotchgard Car Seat & Floor Protector 396 Gr    Deep cleaning, strong protection    It is specially formulated for the cleaning of automotive fabrics and..

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3M 39040 Car Leather Seat and Upholstery Cleaner - Replenishing Spray


3M 39040 Leather - Torpedo and Plastic Replenisher 473 ML3M Leather - Torpedo & Plastic Renewer provides a natural look without leaving an oily image on the skin, plastic and vinyl surfaces. I..

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Bluemoon 5800 Ultra Dust Collector Paint Oven Cabinet Fluid 5 Liters


- It is applied in paint booths.- It prevents dust formation during painting and ensures that the dust adheres to the cabinet wall.- Easily cleaned with water.- It saves both time for cleaning.- Creat..

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Henkel Teroson VR 620 Noise Canceling Rubber Wick Care Spray 300 ml.


Lubricates, nourishes and protects rubber glazing and window seals in vehicles. Rubber prevents the rubber rovings from cracking and extends its life. It cuts unwanted noises and squeaks that may occu..

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Loctite MR 3863 Resistance Repair Kit


Loctite Rear Resistance Glass Repair Kit For repair of damaged rear window resistance    High conductivity    Complex repair kit    Qui..

255.00TL .
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