Distance Sales Contract

The Preliminary Information Form prepared for the distance sales carried out over the internet in accordance with the provisions of the "Distance Contracts Regulation" published on the Official Gazette dated 27.11.2014 and based on the 48th and 84th articles of the Act on the Protection of Consumer No 6502 and published in the Official Gazette numbered 29188, It is located.


Title: Ilgın Special Paint Automotive and Exterior. Tic.Ltd.Şti
Address: Bağcılar Güngören Industrial Site 18. Block Number: 25-27-29 İkitelli / İstanbul
Phone: +90 (212) 671 73 65

The subject of this Contract is the POINT of the BUYER of SELLER. The rights and obligations of the parties are determined in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer No 6052 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts concerning the sale and delivery of products ordered on the internet site .com.

AUTOMATIC Order and Cost will be reflected.

3.1. Payment method
3.1.1. Cash payment at the door: When you choose the cash payment option at the door, our products will be delivered to you by cargo and you can pay the product price to the cargo officer at the door.
3.1.2. Payment by Credit Card: In order to be able to pay by credit card, you need to fill in the credit card information completely and completely in the related part. You can either pay for your credit card in one shot or you can pay for it by dividing it into different installment options. Your bank can arrange campaigns to make a installment name higher than the installment you choose and offer services such as installment transfer. Such campaigns are at the discretion of your bank and are informed about the campaigns on our pages if it is in the knowledge of our company. Your credit card summary will be reflected by your bank by dividing the order total into installments starting from the date your credit card is debited. The Bank may not distribute the installment amounts equally, taking into account the difference of the odds. It is your bank's initiative to create your detailed payment plan.
3.1.3. Payment by Money Order: If you want to pay by wire transfer, our company ......., branch code ..... account number ....... and IBAN number TR ........... .. You can transfer money to your account.
3.2. On the other hand, due to the fact that forward sales are made only with bank credit cards, the PURCHASER will also confirm the relevant interest rates and the information about the default interest on the bank and that the provisions related to interest and default interest will be applied within the scope of the credit card agreement between the Bank and the PURCHASER accept, declare and undertake.
3.3. Return Procedure
3.3.1. Credit Card Return Procedure: If the Buyer is using the right to withdraw or if the product subject to the order can not be procured for a variety of reasons, or if Consumer Complaints are made by decision of the Ground Jury and the Consumer Price Decision is made, The procedure is as follows:
If the customer has received the product in installments, the Bank will repay the customer in installments. (Company Name), the amount of the refund requested for the disputed parties to be unaffected by the issue is transferred by the bank to the bearer party accounts in installments after the repayment of all of the product value to the bank in one time and the installments made from bank postings to the customer's credit card. The installment amounts paid by the customer until the sale is canceled will be reflected on the card every month if the return date does not coincide with the account cut-off dates of the card and the installments that the customer paid before the customer's return will take months as many months as the installments they paid before the return, It will be.

The PURCHASER agrees and acknowledges that you have read and accepted this procedure.
3.3.2. Returned Payment at Door Payment Procedure: Returned at door payment or wire transfer payment options will be made in the form of a remittance to the account specified by the consumer (in the name of the person at the billing address or on behalf of the user member) by requesting consumer bank account information.

3.4. Delivery Form and Address
Delivery will be made at the address specified in the order form of the PURCHASER via one of the agreed shipping companies. Even if the PURCHASER is not at the address at the time of delivery, the seller will be deemed fulfilled fully and fully. For this reason, the costs of the PURCHASER shall be borne by the PURCHASER as the PURCHASER has waited in the cargo company for any damage caused by late delivery of the product and / or the return of the cargo to the PURCHASER. The cargo-free product is not included in the bedeline. Cargo is added to the order amount and paid by the consumer. The campaigns related to the cargo bedelets are at the discretion of our company and in these cases the above prices do not apply.

4.1. ALICI declares that the web site reads the information about the basic characteristics of the contractual products, the price of the product and the payment method and the delivery information and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment.
4.2. The contractual product shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person / organization indicated in the preliminary information on the internet site for the period of not exceeding the legal period of fourteen days for each product, depending on the distance of the place of settlement of the BUYER.
4.3. If the contractual item is to be delivered to another person / organization from the PURCHASER, the SELLER can not be held responsible because the person / organization to be delivered does not accept delivery.
4.4. The SELLER is responsible for delivering the contracted product with a sound, complete, in accordance with the specifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and manuals, if any.
4.5. For the delivery of the contract product, the signed copy of the contract must be delivered to the SELLER and the price must be paid in the form of payment preferred by the PAYER. If for any reason the product is not paid for or is canceled in bank records, the SELLER shall be deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the product.
4.6. In the event that the bank or financial institution can not pay the price of the product to the SELLER for the reason that the credit card belonging to the SELLER is used unauthorizedly or unlawfully against the unauthorized persons due to the fault of the SELLER after delivery of the product, It is obligatory to send it to SELLER.

The PURCHASER shall have the right to withdraw by refusing the goods within 14 days from the delivery of the contractual product to the person himself / herself or to the person / organization indicated. If the SELLER or the Supplier fails to meet the obligations set out in the twelfth Article of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, the right of withdrawal shall be fourteen days. It is sufficient to notify in writing of the right to withdraw the right to withdraw using a permanent data carrier.
The buyer shall be returned to the buyer within 14 days from the date of receipt of the cancellation notice by the seller in writing or by continuous data bearer.
We undertake to take back the goods from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal by the seller or supplier, without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification, or the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods or services within 14 days from the receipt of the goods or the signing of the contract.
In accordance with the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law No. 385, in order to be able to perform the refund transactions, we have to return the relevant parts with the refundable part which we have sent to us. However, in the TRNC and overseas shipments, our customers are obliged to pay taxes on the products they have received in customs for not paying VAT on their orders. Customers do not have the right to withdraw goods that are not taken over from customs in any way.
Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer shall not be entitled to the right of withdrawal in the following contracts.
a) Before the end of the right of revocation, the service contracts whose service is started with the approval of the consumer,
b) contracts relating to the goods, whose prices are determined on the stock exchange or other organized markets,
c) contracts for the delivery of goods which are prepared in accordance with the consumer's wishes or expressly for his personal needs, which are not suitable for return by nature and which are dangerous for immediate deterioration or which are likely to expire,
ç) contracts for audio or video recordings, software programs and computer supplies, provided that the package is opened by the consumer,
d) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers, magazines,
e) Contracts for the performance of services relating to betting and lottery,
f) Contracts for instant service in electronic environment and for intangible goods delivered at the moment of consumption.
If the right of withdrawal is used, product and package control will be done by (COMPANY TITLE). The price of the product shipped with the reason for the cancellation is paid by the SELLER. The PURCHASER may report the demands and complaints to the SELLER in writing or by continuous data bearer. (See the Distance Rules Regulation for more information.)

If the parties do not fulfill the obligations arising from this agreement, the provisions of Articles 106-108 of the Code of Obligations. the provisions of Default of Debt shall be applied. In the event of default, if any party fails to perform its actions without due cause in the due time, the other party shall give seven days to the party failing to perform the act. If not fulfilled within this period, the non-performing party shall be deemed to be remembrance and shall have the right to demand the delivery of the goods and / or the termination of the contract and the return of the price by demanding the performance of the creditor's act.
If the Supplier is unable to deliver within the term of the contractual term of the contractual reason for extraordinary events such as interruptions in traffic, interruption of traffic, fire, earthquake, flood, etc., the BUYER shall not be liable for any liability of the SELLER , cancellation of the order or postponement of the delivery period until the disabling condition of the delivery ceases. The amount paid by the PURCHASER in the case of canceling the order shall be paid to him within 14 days. (In case of installments with credit card, the above procedure is accepted by the PURCHASER for returning to the credit card.)

In the implementation of this Contract, the Consumer Claims Tribunal as well as the Consumer Tribunal of the Ministry of Customs and Trade are authorized.
In the event of an order being placed, the PURCHASER shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.